Paintings and Murals
Acrylic Works
Grandma Cuddles
Copper Vine
Watercolor Works
Over the past 17 years I have
experimented with several mediums of
I have come to appreciate certain
mediums for certain projects. I love to
work with acrylics when doing large
murals. It allows for great detail and a
wide range of color variations, giving my
murals depth and character.

For smaller softer paintings, I love
watercolor. I love how the pigments flow
into one another. I also enjoy the
challenge of creating an image with the
simple flow of watercolor and brush.
All of my watercolor paintings are
created on acid free paper to help and
preserve the image for generations to

Just as each of my original art pieces
are created on acid free paper, each
print of my original works are also
created on acid free paper and printed
using pigment based inks. This allows for
the truest recreation of my original
artwork and also helps to keep that
artwork from fading over time.
Check out my Etsy shop to see my latest
watercolor works available for sale.

If you wish to have an original work
created for you please contact me.
Holiday Collection
Backyard Friends
Harvest   '15
Where's the Honey   '15  Inspiration from Photo by - Carmel
Western Toad  '15  Inspiration from Photo by - Carmel
Eastern Toad   '15
Calling All Ladies - Mockingbird   '15
Furry Babies
Happy Girl   '15