About Me ....
Welcome to my studio .....

... my name is Dianne Rico, and I
am a wife and mother first, a
licensed aircraft dispatcher and
an artist. Fortunately, I am
married to a wonderful man who
not only indulges my love of color
and design but actually
encourages it.  
I believe my passion for color
and light began as a small
child. We were visiting a
family friend who was an
extremely talented stained
glass artist. I can remember
vividly how the morning light
would shine through her
beautiful handcrafted
windows. I can still close my
eyes and see how all the
colors danced off her walls,
creating an atmosphere of
enchantment and warmth
throughout the room.

I love to create, and my
mediums of choice are glass
and natural beads for my
jewelry, acrylic and watercolor
for my paintings and ceramic
tile for my mosaics. I have
taken many art related classes
over the years, however, the
majority of my abilities have
been developed through years
of creative experimentation
and self discovery.  

I take immense pride in each
piece of my artwork and stand
firmly behind my creations. I
would never sell anything that
I would not wear myself, or
proudly display in my home.
That is my guarantee to you
Here's What I
In my home studio I use
a propane and oxygen
flame to melt glass
rods, which I then form
into beads.
Once I form the beads, I
then anneal them in a
controlled kiln. This
process helps to
stabilize the glass on a
molecular level by
holding the bead at a
constant temperature,
and then slowly bringing
the temperature down.
By doing this, it helps to
produce a much
stronger glass bead.
After the bead has been
annealed, each bead is
carefully cleaned and
This process allows me
to create a unique, one-
of-a-kind wearable
piece of art…..