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By Artist Dianne Rico
Unique handcrafted items like .. Lampwork Beads .. Jewelry ... Murals .. Acrylic
& Watercolor Paintings .. Mosaics and More
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Although I have been painting and creating
beaded jewelry for over 17 years now, about
6 years ago I discovered Lampwork beads
and have been happily melting glass ever
since. This is a wonderful ancient art form that
uses flame to melt glass rods, thus creating
beautiful wearable art.
I put a bit of myself into every piece of art
that I create and take pride in the fact that
each piece
of art is unique, and created to stand the test
of time.

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Tips on Silver
Care ....
You will notice in my jewelry
pieces, I use a lot of sterling
silver and silver plating. I do
this because silver is a
beautiful yet affordable metal.
Thus, creating a beautiful yet
affordable piece of jewelry.
Silver can, and usually does,
tend to tarnish over time and
use. Sometimes the effect
can be desirable, and
sometimes you would prefer
a much newer appearance.
There are several ways to
care for silver, like making
sure to apply hair sprays or
lotions prior to putting on
silver, avoiding excessive
moisture, storing in a Ziploc
baggie, placing Anti-Tarnish
paper in your jewelry box or
wiping it down prior to placing
back in the jewelry box.
However, the easiest way to
keep silver clean, is to
occasionally clean with a
mild phosphate-free
detergent using a soft cotton
cloth or cotton ball and dry
immediately. This is ideally
done before you notice any
tarnish (yellowish brown tint),
but can be successful shortly
after you notice this
discoloration. DO NOT allow
your silver to turn black. At
this point you must use
stronger chemicals to clean
and these can be harmful to
other jewelry components on
your piece. If your silver
becomes that badly
tarnished, I would
recommend taking it to a
professional to have it
cleaned :)
Whats New? ...
As a busy wife and mother, I often find that the artist in me
takes a back seat to the day to day needs of my family. I
accept this reality with both thankfulness and love,
knowing that I have been truly blessed to have such a
beautiful and loving family.
As other artists I am sure can attest, as the demands on
our daily lives change, so too does the way we see the
world around us.
I have found myself looking at the world just a bit
differently.  As my son grows and learns about the world
around him, I find myself seeing the world through his
eyes. The excitement of a small bug crawling on a leaf.
The joy of watching a mockingbird sing his heart out in
our backyard tree. The awe of the tiny hummingbird as it
drinks the nectar from our window feeder. I realized, as I
watched him absorb the world around him, often seeing
these things for the first time, that I had stopped seeing
the tiny life that swirls around me every day. Caught up in
the day to day workings of being an adult, I had stopped
watching the bugs crawl and the birds sing. So, over the
past year, I have slowed down, watched the bugs crawl,
listened to the birds sing, and shared my sons view of the
Inspired by this very beauty, I have decided to capture
these images and share them with all the other adults
whose busy demanding lives often don't give them time to
stop and watch the beauty of the world as it swirls around
them. Using nature as an inspiration, I have started to
paint in watercolor, some of these small wonders that we
often miss.
I truly hope that you enjoy these images and that they
bring you a sense of peace and closer to nature, as they
have me.